Yoga Poster

Re-design the yoga flyer on the class Google drive into a poster. You will create the graphic(s) for the poster. I am looking for more than basic SILHOUETTES and no gradients!

Due: Tuesday, March 28th

Specification sheet (pdf)


Power Word Postcard

This exercise is an experiment in collage, that will be created by utilizing Photoshop as a dynamic digital tool.

Certain “power” words evoke a definitive, but also a very subjective reaction.

Images and phrases, in term, come to define and support these reactions. Utilizing a power word, create/design two postcards that illustrate them through image and type (subject matter and organization of space) relationship.

Examples: hate, love, fear, hope, greed, lust, gluttony, purity, obsession…

Understanding how type and image interact within the digital environment is crucial in the development of this piece.

Sketches due: Thursday, March 23rd

Due: Thursday, March 30th

Specification sheet (pdf)


This is a three part homework assignment utilizing Photoshop’s tools. Tools like the selection tools and blending modes to adjust and design according to the assignment requirements for each part.

Part 1: We will begin with the photos you took and work through the stages set in the specification sheet below.

Part 2: Using the photos provided on the class Google drive and the words from part 2 in the specification sheet below, create a collage for each word. (Folder: 08-Photoshop/Part2)

Due: Thursday, March 9th

Part 3: I have provided 5 files on the class Google drive and five corresponding words in the specification sheet below. Adjust the files according to their word and upload them. (Folder: 08-Photoshop/Part3)

Due: Tuesday, March 21st

Specification sheet (pdf)



For the next series of homework assignments we will be working in Photoshop. Before we get started you need to bring the following files to class. These need to be good, focused and ready to use files!

10 organic textures
10 man-made textures
10 objects outside
10 objects inside

Due: Tuesday, March 7th