Problem Files ’18

Before we complete the poster project we need to be sure we can recognize problems associated with a vector file before it becomes a problem when we go to print. The requirement for the poster is two spot colors only and therefore is also with these problem files. These files are located on the class Google drive in the homework docs folder. You need to open each in Illustrator, and identify the problem with the file, and how to fix it. This needs to be written up identifying the poster file, the problem and the solution.

Due: for class Thursday, February 15th

320Design1ProbFiles (pdf)


Theatre Poster ’18

For a mock Theatre Department production we are to create a printed two-color poster design that captures the elements of the mock production. This poster should be designed as a promotional piece to showcase the play for the Theatre department here at Truman State University. Considerations; What do we want to say in the poster? How do we then state it; image, type, illustration, etc.? What will be your grid structure? How will you attract the viewer?

Step 1: Research and Sketch. Focus on getting ideas and sketching out 5-7 concepts to choose from.

Due: Thursday, February 14th

Step 2: Develop Concepts. Need to chose two concepts to begin to develop on the computer. Four color study write-ups for these concepts.

Due: Tuesday, February 22nd

Step 3: Proof/Presentation. Chose one of the developed concepts to finish for presentation. Present proof and separation prints to instructor for adjustments and then complete to presentation level to present to client.

Proof: Thursday, February 24th,
Presentations: Tuesday, February 27th.

Specification sheet (pdf)

Activities Fair ’18

This poster needs to be re-designed with a new tagline and appropriate graphics to go with it. Look at the poster (located on the class Google drive) to determine what direction you want to go. This is a unique size, so it will need to be printed on 11″ x 17″ paper and then trimmed down. You can only use black for your color. This needs to be printed before class Tuesday, February 13th.

Specification sheet (pdf)

Web ’18

We need to keep our web coding skills going to keep it fresh in our minds. For this homework we are to work with HTML5’s new tags and explore the declarations of css. Staying simple with the design research and use 8 unique to HTML5 tags and 20 or more unique css declarations on the page and 5 inline with your html. Review and follow specification sheet below.

Part 1 Due: Tuesday, February 6th

For the next part we need to incorporate some design for legibility and screen sizes. Utilizing css’s Media queries make the page change for legibility on the smaller size (768px is standard) for mobile. Review and follow specification sheet below.

Part 2 Due: Thursday, February 8th

Specification sheet (pdf)