Power Word Postcards ’18

This exercise is an experiment in collage, that will be created by utilizing Photoshop as a dynamic digital tool.

Certain “power” words evoke a definitive, but also a very subjective reaction.

Images and phrases, in term, come to define and support these reactions. Utilizing one power word, create/design two postcards of different interpretations that illustrate it through image and type (subject matter and organization of space) relationship.

Examples: hate, love, fear, hope, greed, lust, gluttony, purity, obsession…

Understanding how type and image interact within the digital environment is crucial in the development of this piece.

Words selected and sketches for Thursday, March 22nd

Due: Thursday, March 29th

Specification sheet (pdf)


Yoga Poster ’18

Re-design the yoga flyer on the class Google drive into a poster. You will create the graphic(s) for the poster. I am looking for more than basic SILHOUETTES and no gradients!

Due: Thursday, March 22nd

Specification sheet (pdf)

Photoshop ’18

For the next few classes we are going to shift programs for our turn ‘n’ burns and have them to be done in Photoshop CC.

Part 1
First thing we need to do is some practice in the Photoshop CC interface.  We will have three sections that we will be practicing; selecting, blending and composition. Each section will have set stages in each, that will generate a series of photoshop files (one for each stage). You will then uploaded each stage file (named accordingly) to the class Google, generate contact sheets for each section (3 total) and upload those as well. Follow the details in the specification sheet below.

Due: Tuesday, March 5th

Part 2
For the second part of this will be to utilize the files in the homeworkdocs folder under Photoshop Step2 to create a word collage. There are 4 images there for you to use. You can ONLY use images that I provide you for this assignment and lets see how creative you really can be!! You can repeat an image more than once per document. Using any of the tools in Photoshop create a composition that relates to the assigned word. I will provide you with 4 words that you will need to represent the meaning to the viewer in each work. I do NOT want to see the words in the composition.

Due: Thursday, March 8th

Part 3
This third part we will follow some instructions (see specification sheet below) on manipulating the 5 files in the homeworkdocs folder under Photoshop Step3 on the class Google drive. You may also use the photos you took for part 1/practice to help create your imagery, but the base of each must be the corresponding photo provided.

Due: Tuesday, March 20th

Specification sheet (pdf)

Photos ’18

For the next series of homework assignments we will be working in Photoshop. Before we get started you need to bring the following files to class. These need to be good, focused and ready to use files!

10+ organic textures
10+ man-made textures
10+ objects outside/inside (more of these the better!)

You may want to take 5+ photos to use as backgrounds as well.

Due: Thursday, March 1st

Stationary Set ’18

This project will take us into the world of logos and identity creation.

We will be working to create an identity for a non-profit organization. You will need to determine the key characteristics of the organization and how you will be integrating them into a logo. Keep in mind how the logo will be translated/interpreted by the viewer. What defines ones identity? Characteristics?

  • A logo is a the point of entry to the brand. – Milton Glaser, designer
  • A logo is a flag, a signature, a street sign
  • A logo does NOT sell (directly), it identifies
  • A logo is rarely a description of a business
  • A logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around – Paul Rand

Part 1: Research and Sketches. Research dynamic logos to help get ideas for your logos and then sketch out the ideas. See the specification sheet below for details.

Due: Thursday, March 1st

Part 2: In this step we will be moving the logo to the computer to finalize, determining the colors we will use, determining the paper and first drafts of the layout. Layouts need to include front and back of business card, envelope (number 10) and the letterhead (letter size). See the specification sheet below for details.

Due: Thursday, March 8th

Part 3: This will be the finishing step. Choose the final logo and colors, finalize the layouts, print them on your paper and mount them to black foam core. Arrangement of the pieces on the board are up to you as long as there is a two inch border on the outside and at least one inch between each piece. See the specification sheet below for details.

Due: Thursday, March 22nd

Specification sheet (pdf)