World Travel Newsletter Part 2

Your client has decided that they have more money and now want to add another sheet and some more photos to the newsletter. Utilizing the additional photos, some new design elements and the additional four pages, re-design the newsletter just completed. Remember to check and adjust all the photos before using them. You now have 4 sheets of paper and 16 pages to work with!

Due: Tuesday, April 4th

Specification sheet (pdf)



For the next series of homework assignments we will be working in Photoshop. Before we get started you need to bring the following files to class. These need to be good, focused and ready to use files!

10 organic textures
10 man-made textures
10 objects outside
10 objects inside

Due: Tuesday, March 7th

Theatre Poster

In recognition of the Theatre Departments upcoming production we are to create a printed two-color poster design that captures the elements of the production. his poster should be designed as a promotional piece to showcase the show for the Theatre department here at Truman State University. Considerations; What do we want to say in the poster? How do we then state it; image, type, illustration, etc.? What will be your grid structure? How will you attract the viewer?

Step 1: Research and Sketch. Focus on getting ideas and sketching out 5-7 concepts to choose from.

Due: Thursday, February 16th

Step 2: Develop Concepts. Need to chose two concepts to begin to develop on the computer. Four color study write-ups for these concepts.

Due: Tuesday, February 21st

Step 3: Presentation. Chose one of the developed concepts to finish for presentation. Present proof and separation prints to instructor for adjustments and then complete to presentation level to present to client.

Due: Proof Thursday, February 23rd, Presentations Tuesday, February 28th.

Specification sheet (pdf)

Website #1

With the html we have already gotten from previous classes we are going to be practicing it to keep it fresh moving forward. This file must be in proper file/folder structure with web compliant naming as discussed in class. As this is a refresher I am concerned mainly with the successful completion of the requirements. This needs to be completed and uploaded to the class Google drive before class on Thursday, February 9th.

Specification sheet (pdf)