Athletics Event Poster

This poster is geared towards you having to find and determining what needs to be on a poster to promote an event. You are to select an athletic event here at Truman (current, upcoming or past) and promote it. Things to consider include who, what,  when, where, etc. Please refer to the specification sheet below for specifics.

Due: Thursday, April 27th

Specification sheet (pdf)


Truman ID

Lets take a look at the Truman ID card and re-design it. We will need to make four versions: faculty, staff, graduate student and student. Be sure to look at and follow the rules posted in the classroom for the logo and the files available on the class Google drive. See the specification sheet below for the details and requirements.

Due: Tuesday, April 25th

Specification sheet (pdf)


This is a three part homework assignment utilizing Photoshop’s tools. Tools like the selection tools and blending modes to adjust and design according to the assignment requirements for each part.

Part 1: We will begin with the photos you took and work through the stages set in the specification sheet below.

Part 2: Using the photos provided on the class Google drive and the words from part 2 in the specification sheet below, create a collage for each word. (Folder: 08-Photoshop/Part2)

Due: Thursday, March 9th

Part 3: I have provided 5 files on the class Google drive and five corresponding words in the specification sheet below. Adjust the files according to their word and upload them. (Folder: 08-Photoshop/Part3)

Due: Tuesday, March 21st

Specification sheet (pdf)


Activities Fair Poster

This poster needs to be re-designed with a new tagline and appropriate graphics to go with it. Look at the poster (located on the class Google drive) to determine what direction you want to go. This is a unique size, so it will need to be printed on 11″ x 17″ paper and then trimmed down. You can only use black for your color. This needs to be printed before class Thursday, February 23rd.

Specification sheet (pdf)