Process Book Check #3

REMINDER: Process books will be picked up Thursday, April 6th.


CD Case Design

Music has a wide range of influences and styles. It speaks to us in many different ways (political, social, emotional, etc.). In this project you will have to redesign a music album. Refer to specification sheet (pdf) below for specifics of each step.

Part 1: Research and Prep Work: Research other albums, determine colors, write up about your artist/group and sketch at least 5 of the cover, CD label and name or artist/group (new logo or icon)

Due: Tuesday, April 4th

Part 2: Work on the Graphics: Work on layout of at least 2 booklet spreads, finalize artist/group name (logo or icon), begin work on any illustrations you wish to use and begin/finalize taking photos.

Due: Thursday, April 6th

Part 3: Finalize: Complete any illustrations, spreads, booklet layout and content, case and label design and create mock up (without content).

Due: Thursday, April 13th

Part 4: Finished Product and Photos: Print and complete all pieces and photograph 5 angles of the piece. Be sure to include all parts, cover, booklet and CD label in the photographs.

Due: Tuesday, April 18th

Specification sheet (pdf)

World Travel Newsletter Part 2

Your client has decided that they have more money and now want to add another sheet and some more photos to the newsletter. Utilizing the additional photos, some new design elements and the additional four pages, re-design the newsletter just completed. Remember to check and adjust all the photos before using them. You now have 4 sheets of paper and 16 pages to work with!

Due: Tuesday, April 4th

Specification sheet (pdf)

Power Word Postcard

This exercise is an experiment in collage, that will be created by utilizing Photoshop as a dynamic digital tool.

Certain “power” words evoke a definitive, but also a very subjective reaction.

Images and phrases, in term, come to define and support these reactions. Utilizing a power word, create/design two postcards that illustrate them through image and type (subject matter and organization of space) relationship.

Examples: hate, love, fear, hope, greed, lust, gluttony, purity, obsession…

Understanding how type and image interact within the digital environment is crucial in the development of this piece.

Sketches due: Thursday, March 23rd

Due: Thursday, March 30th

Specification sheet (pdf)


This is a three part homework assignment utilizing Photoshop’s tools. Tools like the selection tools and blending modes to adjust and design according to the assignment requirements for each part.

Part 1: We will begin with the photos you took and work through the stages set in the specification sheet below.

Part 2: Using the photos provided on the class Google drive and the words from part 2 in the specification sheet below, create a collage for each word. (Folder: 08-Photoshop/Part2)

Due: Thursday, March 9th

Part 3: I have provided 5 files on the class Google drive and five corresponding words in the specification sheet below. Adjust the files according to their word and upload them. (Folder: 08-Photoshop/Part3)

Due: Tuesday, March 21st

Specification sheet (pdf)