Stationary Set

This project will take us into the world of logos and identity creation.

We will be working to create an identity for a non-profit organization. You will need to determine the key characteristics of the organization and how you will be integrating them into a logo. Keep in mind how the logo will be translated/interpreted by the viewer. What defines ones identity? Characteristics?

• A logo is a the point of entry to the brand. – Milton Glaser, designer
• A logo is a flag, a signature, a street sign
• A logo does NOT sell (directly), it identifies
• A logo is rarely a description of a business
• A logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around – Paul Rand

Part 1: Research and Sketches. Research dynamic logos to help get ideas for your logos and then sketch out the ideas.

Due: Thursday, March 2nd

Part 2: Develop the Logo. Take 5 from the previous version and work them up in Illustrator and choose the paper. Do color studies to figure out the pantone colors of your logo. Begin the layout for your business cards and other stationary.

Due: Tuesday, March 7th

Part 3: Finish up Stationary. Finalize your Stationary and print and mount for class.

Due: Tuesday, March 21st

Specification sheet (pdf)


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