Gradient Mesh

Click here for and article with some tutorials and tips using the gradient mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator.



This will be our main project for the next couple weeks. We are going to be focussing on honing our skills using the pen and gradient mesh tools.

Part 1: Practice re-creation using the pen and gradient mesh tools using the light bulb graphic provided on the class Google drive. With this part we want to get some experience re-creating an image in Illustrator.

Due: Thursday, February 2nd

Part 2: We will need to photograph some images that we can choose from for part 3. This will include finding, at minimum, five relatively complex objects, photographing them for use and then bringing them to class (with printed contact sheets) for us to select the best one to use.

Due: Thursday, February 2nd

Part 3: With the experience from the practice image (light bulb) from part 1 we will take the image selected from part 2 and re-create half the image. Using the examples provided in class as reference to what the end result should look like. For presentation this will need to be printed at 8 x 10 (half illustration, half photo) on good matte or glossy paper and mounted to black foam core with a two inch border.

Due: Tuesday, February 14th

Specification sheet (pdf)

Vocal Auditions Poster Re-Design

Taking what we have learned from the first poster we are adding another element to think about and implement. This poster has a lot of copy to include, therefore your typesetting rules will need to be of utmost importance in completing the re-design. We also want to include something unique that aids in it’s effectiveness for the audience.

Due: Tuesday, January 31st

Specification sheet (pdf)

Designer Research

In order to understand design we need to be able to understand where it came from, where it is going and what trends are happening. With this project we are going to be looking into a designer assigned in class to understand them, create a brochure emulating them and then presenting them to the class. Each student must get a copy of the brochure as well as myself. We will be working on this some in class Thursday,  January 19th.

Presentations to be done during class Tuesday, January 24th.

Brochure due before class (to hand out during your presentation) Tuesday, January 24th.

Specification sheet (pdf)