Event Poster ’18

This poster is geared towards you having to find and determining what needs to be on a poster to promote an event. You are to select an event here at Truman (current, upcoming or past) and promote it. Things to consider include who, what,  when, where, etc. Please refer to the specification sheet below for specifics.

Due: Tuesday, May 1st

Specification sheet (pdf)


Truman ID ’18

Lets take a look at the Truman ID card and re-design it. We will need to make four versions: faculty, staff, graduate student and student. Be sure to look at and follow the rules posted in the classroom for the logo and the files available on the class Google drive. See the specification sheet below for the details and requirements.

Due: Tuesday, April 24th

Specification sheet (pdf)

Self Promotion ’18

This project is geared toward you focusing on yourself and providing some self expression into who you are as a person and a design at this point. This piece is intended to be a selling point for you to include in your portfolio or to practice package design.

Please refer to the specification sheet, pdf attached below, for more on specifics and requirements for each part.

Part 1: Research, Resume and Sketching
Due: Tuesday, April 17th

Part 2: Finalize packaging, progress on design and finishing your mark
Due: Thursday, April 19th

Part 3: Finalizing the Layout and Mockup
Due: Thursday, April 26th

Part 4: Final piece completed and photographed
Due: Thursday, May 3rd

Specification sheet (pdf)

CD Case Design ’18

Music has a wide range of influences and styles. It speaks to us in many different ways (political, social, emotional, etc.). In this project you will have to redesign a music album. You will have three parts to this; the case, the book and the CD to design. Refer to specification sheet (pdf) below for specifics of each part.

Part 1: Research and Prep Work: Research other albums, determine colors, write up about your artist/group and sketch at least 5 of the cover, CD label and name or artist/group (new logo or icon)

Due: Tuesday, April 3rd

Part 2: Graphics progress. Begin spreads of booklet, illustrations you plan to use and finish taking any photos necessary. Finalize (in Illustrator) artist/band name rebuild.

Due: Tuesday, April 10th

Part 3: Finalizing spreads and mock ups.

Due Thursday, April 12th

Part 4: Finished product and photographed.

Due: Tuesday, April 17th

Specification sheet (pdf)

World Travel Newsletter ’18

This project will bring us to hone in on our typesetting and layout skills in a booklet newsletter. Follow the spec sheet linked below for details and requirements.

Part 1 Due: Thursday, March 29th

Your client has decided that they have more money and now want to add another sheet and some more photos to the newsletter. Utilizing the additional photos, some new design elements and the additional four pages, re-design the newsletter just completed. Remember to check and adjust all the photos before using them. You now have 4 sheets of paper and 16 pages to work with!

Part 2 Due: Tuesday, March 10th

Specification Sheet (pdf)